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A votive herarlding world athletics. Polished above, patterned below. The shape is like the future. Pure with nothing to hold it back. The texture is full of the craft of Lars Hellsten,one of Orrefors most treasured designers. It reflects and refracts like the surface of a frozen lake in the moonlight. The Discus Votive is a wonder of Modern Design, a beautiful shape on its own: when lighted, it almost becomes the air itself. And all created in the pure, refined perfection of Orrefors Swedish crystal! 1 3/4"H X 5 1/2"W. "Beautiful, classic, modern. The perfect gift. The perfect timeless accent"

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O-time by Lena Bergström is orrefors's first wristwatch with sharpened facets. The Bracelet in vegetable tanned tärnsjöläder and the pure stainless ...
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Handblown glass has been produced in this part of Sweden for more than two and a half centuries. The story of Orrefors begins with iron and the forest. As early as 1726, Lars Johan Silversparre received permission to build a furnace and a smithy at "...Read More »

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