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Located in Anacortes, Washington, since 1930, Burton Jewelers is an old-time, small town jeweler with fresh ideas, cosmopolitan selection, personal service, professional ability and unique style.

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June 7


May 17
Pickard China

Press Release

Lauren Harper and Pickard China Introduce The New Sedona Fine China Pattern

Antioch, IL - April 9, 2018 – The oldest American manufacturer of fine china, Pickard China, announces its newest partnership with internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Lauren Harper for her premiere dinnerware collection, set for an introduction at retail in Spring 2018. Considered one of top jewelry designers in the world, Lauren Harper is renowned for her use for gem stones and organic settings that have defined her ultra-lux jewelry collection that is a favorite with customers at stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

Picka...Read rest of Chalk

Tags: Lauren Harper, sedona, Pickard China

April 18
Waterford Liked

The mint and soda in this classic Cuban Mojito makes for a refreshing cocktail, perfect for relaxing with friends.

Tags: bar, drinkware, Waterford, $WWR-40029527

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April 17
Waterford Liked

A twist on an iced tea with gin and spices from the cocktail spin. Best served in a Waterford Lismore tumbler.

Tags: tumbler, drinkware, bar, Waterford, $WWR-6003182300

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04/19/18 11:01 AM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge
Looks delicious :)

April 13
Waterford Liked

Beautiful Booze using the eye catching mixology collection to create martinis.

Tags: martini glass, bar, drinkware, Waterford, $WWR-159461

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April 7

Discover the stories behind each collection of our unique whiskey glasses.
Ireland has a huge fashion and textile industry, dating back as far as 750 BC when they first spun their own wool. For centuries, the beautiful intertwined knitwear patterns have featured in Irish culture - which have become known worldwide. Inspired by famous Aran Islands knitwear patterns and clan heritage - Olann (meaning wool) glassware has been designed to capture whisky's complex flavours and aromatics to deliver an experience like never before.
Olann gets its namesake from the set of Islands off t...Read rest of Chalk

Tags: whiskey, glasses, bar, DOB, Waterford, Short Stories Olann, $WWR-40032184

April 5

Our expert tea curator, Bernadine Tay, has been working her creative magic on culinary explorations with tea.

Tags: dining, entertaining, Wedgwood, $WWR-40023845, $WWR-40023848

April 5
Waterford Liked

Re-create one of the most famous Italian cocktails in the world, the Negroni, with this simple recipe

Tags: drinkware, entertaining, recipe, Waterford, $WWR-40029525

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